osm clockCharlesbank Realty Group currently manages all properties in the portfolio in New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusettes.
These services include:

  • Advertising/ Marketing/Showing of units
  • Drafting and negotiating of lease terms and conditions
  • Execute lease and collect security deposit
Servicing of all Inquires and Complaints
  • Quick response and resolution to all inquires and complaints
  • Keep a detailed record of all communication with tenants
  • Arrange for any required work to be completed by contractors
Fees and Rent Rolls - Finance
  • Collection of rent from tenants
  • Take action on all delinquent accounts and defaults
Maintenance, Repairs, and Improvements
  • Coordination of all interior and exterior maintenance and repairs
  • Plan and coordinate all capital improvements for the property
  • Coordinate all snow removal and landscaping
  • Provide common area cleaning services
Accounting and Banking
  • Custodial care of checking account
  • Track all debit and credit accounting entries
  • Create working budget for property
  • Generate a long-term plan for reserves and capital improvements
Reporting and Record Retention
  • Complete set of monthly books
  • Detailed income statement
  • Annual documentation - structured for tax reporting
  • Maintain all historical records and backup
Professional Services
  • Maintain all necessary relationships:
  • Attorney – James J. Baranllo Esq.
  • Accountant – Jeff Gorsky – Sciarabba Walker LLP
  • Insurance Agent – Greg Pierce – NorthStar Insurance Services, Inc.